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2014-06-14 13:22:00

The soul of the eternal child
Márta Demeter’s Exhibition

Márta Demeter’s drawings, as mirrors of her soul, open for her internal world. Born in Odorheiu Secuiesc, now living in Cluj, she is an amateur artist. She draws out of hobby and her drawings reveal the magic world of our childhood and the feelings related to it. She renders her fairy tale-like world with vivid colours and naïve figures. In her drawings the viewer can detect the power of spiritual liberation, desires, strive for harmony and shining feelings.

Beside the joy of creation, Márta Demeter’s drawings reflect a special visual language system and the enchantment of the world of fairy tales. Her soaring imagination raises even the typical Szekely gate into the clouds…

The film festival TIFF Miercurea Ciuc is a broad cultural event which does not only try to support professional artists, but it wants to give the opportunity to introduce themselves for all those young talents, who do not have a formal training in arts, architecture or design, who do not attend any such courses at present either, to those who do not deal with artistic work in a professional way.

Maksay Katalin