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Károly Kós and modern architecture in one space
2014-07-01 23:34:00

After several other locations, a selection of the projects presented at the Transylvania Architecture Biennale (BATRA) 2013 has finally arrived in Miercurea Ciuc. The main organizers of the international film festival TIFF Miercurea Ciuc, Katalin Maksay and Zoltán Lázár are actually architects in their civil life and it was their dream that the festival is not only about films, but it should also be a dialogue between different arts.

The exhibition is an exciting encounter in itself: on the walls we can see the masterpieces of Kós Károly, the well-known 20th century Transylvanian architect, while on the labyrinth-like panels one can indulge in the projects of the biennale, designs of modern buildings satisfying all contemporary needs. The BATRA designs, representing the current trends in world architecture, become the symbols of opening, , while the buildings of Kós Károly focus on our regional values, as Katalin Moscu, an architect from Cluj Napoca, said at the opening.

Zsolt Tövissi, member of BATRA 2013 jury spoke about the work of the board, about the specific features of the seven categories the creators applied for. He also shared with the audience some inside information and account of the atmosphere, so it was easy to imagine the people living and working in these buildings. The visitors were “infected” by the Australian architect, Anthony Gall’s enthusiasm for Károly Kós’s work and there is no shame in confessing that the images of BATRA have started to mean the dream house, living or public works of many.

The exhibition can be visited until July 6 between 10-19, on the first floor of the Arts House.