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Where the plasticine figures revive
2014-07-06 09:23:00

One moment there are only colour pencils, plasticine, blank sheets of paper and lego pieces on the table, the next moment they come to life. In the form of a child, a pirate, a policeman or a dog, they start living their own stories imagined by young schoolchildren to the amazement of the adults.

Because what is going on in the EducaTIFF Miercurea Ciuc film camp organized in Lăzăreni, Harghita county (Romania) is nothing but magic. The trainers were amazed at the enthusiasm of the 10-14-year-old schoolchildren. Their task was to make an animated film during the six days spent in the camp, to be shown not only to their parents but to the audience of TIFF Miercurea Ciuc as well. It is difficult to entice the children from the spot of shooting the films, from the lights, from the camera. They can hardly wait to finish lunch, they soon run back to the barn turned into a film studio on the wonderful estate of the András Foundation. They don’t want their stories to interrupt. The children wrote fairy tales together, they imagined and formed characters, they drew mimic, wounds and background to them. For many of them this genre is not a novelty. According to their tutors, many have already tried to make animation films just by themselves, either using their smartphone applications or simply with paper and pencil.

Their older companions, the 15-17-year-olds are having their camp at the Soros Educational Center in Miercurea Ciuc. They had a different kind of task: to make video clips for songs written by Transylvanian rock bands. Their enthusiasm is not less – they even accepted to shoot their clips at night just to raise the standards of their work.

What standards they manage to reach will be seen on Sunday afternoon, when the audience of TIFF Miercurea Ciuc can watch their stories and are looking forward to seeing the creations of these young talents.